Time to drop Anchor already?!

“Dropped Anchor” by j.casey.oneill https://flickr.com/photos/dirkoneill/7333619288 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Oh dear! It looks like I got burned on Anchor, shortly after getting things under way. It’s only a few days since one of my interviewees remarked that those who take up new technologies are often marked by being able to take the hits when things go awry. Resilience I guess. So in the spirit of sucking it up …

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It seemed that Anchor would be a good way to enable participants to join in a conversation, at times convenient for them, and without having to commit more than a minute or so at once. So I got things started … and then v2 of Anchor was released (without a warning that I noticed) and everything went pear-shaped when in the new release, the architecture and workflow changed completely. Instead of one in which contributions were threaded together, could be published through a web browser and subsequently downloaded, the new workflow seems to be more about transience. Each contribution you make to your ‘station’ and any responses it attracts are only broadcast for 24 hours, during which you can archive them so they don’t disappear for ever. Unfortunately that’s not very helpful when, like me, you want to post a question which people can discuss over a period of months.

I turned to Voxer, an app also geared towards facilitating online threaded discussions … and much more besides. I considered Voxer before Anchor, but there were a couple of things in the way it works that made it less than optimal for my needs, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. One thing about Voxer is that it has certainly gained traction amongst educators, more so in the US than elsewhere. Perhaps with more educators already on the platform (and certainly more comfortable and at ease on this platform than I), it might be more likely that my posts will attract responses?

Back to square one

Here’s how I kicked things off in Anchor; the principles are pretty much the same:

Each week over the next couple of months, I intend posting a single question asking about teachers’ use of Twitter and I’d love it if you could find a minute to respond. It will probably take no longer than writing a tweet (once you have the app), but in a minute’s audio, you can shoehorn in far more information. If you’re up for the challenge, the questions will accumulate below; have a listen, then dip into the app if you feel in a position to contribute, either to the prompt question, or to someone else’s response. Many thanks.

(You can find more details about this aspect of the research here, and on Voxer I’m ianinsheffield)

Date Prompt question
11th March 2017, Week 1 How did you get started with Twitter?
11th March 2017, Week 2 How do you use Twitter?
18th March 2017, Week 3 Where is the learning?
27th March 2017, Week 4 What do you think about ‘lurking?’

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