Participant Information – Anchor/Voxer

If you might be interested in participating in an Anchor or Voxer chat, the sheet below provides more detailed information.

Each week over the next couple of months, I intend posting a single question asking about teachers’ use of Twitter and I’d love it if you could find a minute to respond. It will probably take no longer than writing a tweet (once you have the app), but in a minute’s audio, you can shoehorn in far more information. If you’re up for the challenge, the questions will accumulate below; have a listen, then dip into the app if you feel in a position to contribute, either to the prompt question, or to someone else’s response. Many thanks.

(On Voxer I’m ianinsheffield)

Date Prompt question
11th March 2017, Week 1 How did you get started with Twitter?
11th March 2017, Week 2 How do you use Twitter?
18th March 2017, Week 3 Where is the learning?
27th March 2017, Week 4 What do you think about ‘lurking?’
 9th April 2017, Week 5 Is there an exodus from Twitter?
 3rd May 2017, Week 6 #Chats – swimming in the shallows?