What do I do when I do Twitter – Summary

“Approaching a dead end” by will_cyclist https://flickr.com/photos/willj/14477194158 is licensed under CC BY-NC

If you’re going to undertake a research study, you have to become adept at recognising when you’ve gone down a dead-end. You then need to be prepared to retrace your steps and consider alternative pathways. This happens in your thinking, your writing and sometimes even your speaking. On this occasion, it was after completing a map/chart which supposedly summarised the discussion in the previous post. I needed a single-page summary for my supervisors; they’re not in a position to read through my 2000+ word rambles. In any case, I suspect I can’t afford to spare (waste?) 2000 words of my thesis for what ought to be a much more brief section.

This is my first attempt:

I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking? Perhaps attempting to summarise the things I’d said in the full post? That wasn’t what was needed however. In my supervisor’s words, ‘a mug’s guide’ to how I went about participant observation and collected my data. A simple summary an examiner might want to read and that provides a sense of what I actually did. Here then is the second attempt:

I’m not sure this does the job fully, however, I think that the two together probably get a lot closer.

What do you think? From the above graphics, would you have enough information to conduct a similar study? Or what else do you need to know? I think I’ve reached the point of struggling to see the wood for the trees!

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