Interview – @johnmayo

CPDin140 – John Heffernan

With a broad range of experiences, educator John Heffernan (@johnmayo on Twitter) currently finds himself transplanted from Ireland, his home, into Virginia, United States. John discusses the part that Twitter played in that, connecting him with ‘interesting, smart people’ and exposing him to people who ‘have different views and different lifestyles.’…

via CPD in 140 – John Heffernan — EDUtalk

A few of the people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, when presented with the transcript, have suggested amendments. Nothing major, usually just a couple of words or so that either I didn’t catch properly on listening back, or that I mis-typed. Often they’ll comment on the words or phrases that they regularly repeat ‘I didn’t realise I did that.’ I too find both the listening back and subsequent transcription of my own words almost excruciating. Each new question I ask seems to be preceded by an ‘erm,’ followed by an extended pause, and whilst linguists might identify valid reasons for that, it’s beginning to sound repetitive to me. More significant and troublesome however, are the times I listen back to a participant’s response and think ‘That was an important/interesting point. Why on earth didn’t you follow that up?!’ I guess that only comes with experience and practice though. Perhaps by the time I start the follow-up PhD that John suggested …

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