SM&Society Day 2: Poster session

flickr photo by ianguest shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Day 2 closed with the poster session; a wonderfully warm, welcoming and informative session, made all the more hospitable by the delightful buffet.

Many of the posters summarised talks which had already (or were about to be) presented, so it made for a useful refresher and a chance to capture some of the details which might have been missed. More importantly however, it was the chance to talk with presenters who, due to the tight schedule, weren’t provided with much time to answer questions at the close of their talk. From a personal perspective, I often need a little more time after a presentation to process what’s been said before I feel in a position to seek further clarification – if a concept or data being presented isn’t clear, my default response is that I’ve missed something (‘Imposter syndrome’ still doing its job!). So having the chance to return to an issue and discuss it under more relaxed circumstances was most welcome.

Although I talked with a number of people, the person I really wanted to catch was Claudine Bonneau who was presenting a poster summarising her research findings on ‘Working out Loud.’ I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss some of her findings at greater length, especially how ‘backstage’ work and activities normally invisible to external gaze are made more visible. I’m particularly intrigued as to what the effects of making this work visible might be, both in terms of the learning of the person making their work manifest, and on those who form the audience for it. How does this fit with professional learning? Claudine’s work is still in progress, so it will be interesting to see what arises from the forthcoming interviews.

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